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WEBCAST - Energy Reboot for Productivity and Billable Hours (1 total credit hour/including 0 hours of ethics)

March 21, 2018

Location: OBA Webcast - anywhere with a computer; iPad or Smartphone

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Energy Reboot for

Productivity and Billable Hours

NOTE: In order to obtain credit for this webcast it MUST be viewed on 3/21/2018 starting at 12 (noon) CST, because this program is being broadcast at that date and time, the credit is considered unlimited (live) credit by OBA/MCLE.

CLE CREDIT: This course has been approved by the Oklahoma Bar Association Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Commission for 1 hour of mandatory CLE credit, including 0 hours of ethics.

TUITION: Registration for the live webcast is $50.

NOTE: This program is NOT approved for Texas credit. The Texas Bar will not permit members to submit online programs for Texas credit.

NOTE: Do you have 5 or more wanting to watch the same webcast? Contact Renee at 405-416-7029 for details on registering for a group webcast.

CHECKPOINTS: This program will contain random checkpoints. In order to submit credit for this program, you must confirm your presence at the checkpoints. If you do not meet the checkpoint requirement you may not receive credit for the live program. The checkpoint submission is entirely dependent on your successful completion of the system check.

NOTE: At the end of the program click on the "Credit Submission Tab" to go to your credit profile and begin the credit submission process. Please remember to submit credit on the day of the event.

Program Presenter

Judy Barbe, Registered Dietitian, Author

Judy Barbe is an award winning registered dietitian and author of two books: Your 6-Week Gide to LiveBest, Simple Solutions for Fresh Food & Well-Being and LiveBest Seasonally.

With a master's degree in food science and human nutrition, she nudges people toward delicious, better-for-you foods - all on the same fork through her website, original recipes, speaking engagements, and webinar series. Her recipes, photos, and recommendations have been featured on Prevention.com, ReaderDigest.com, WomensDay.com, MensFitness.com, Lovoinc.com, Shape.com, FitnessMagazine.com, FilmJournal.com, WeightWatchers.com, and Walnuts.org. You can connect with her on Instagram @JudyBarbe and visit her blog and website www.LiveBest.info.

Most people want to live with vitality - to live a higher quality of life longer. Yet, the law is a jealous mistress! It wants all your time. Unfortunately, that gets in the way of self-care.

What you put on your fork, how you use your feet, who you connect with, and how you feed your soul are keystones to better living and more billable hours. Join registered dietitian and author Judy Barbe where she will nudge you in the right direction to upgrade your energy, focus and productivity.

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