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WEBCAST - Delivering Limited Scope Services Effectively and Safely (3 total credit hour/including 1 hours of ethics)

August 18, 2017

Location: OBA Webcast - anywhere with a computer; iPad or Smartphone

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NOTE: In order to obtain credit for this webcast it MUST be viewed on 8/18/2017 starting at 9 am CST, because this program is being broadcast at that date and time, the credit is considered unlimited (live) credit by OBA/MCLE.

CLE CREDIT: This course has been approved by the Oklahoma Bar Association Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Commission for 3 hours of mandatory CLE credit, including 1 hours of ethics.

TUITION: Registration for the live webcast is $100. Members licensed 2 years or less may registration is $75.

NOTE: This program is NOT approved for Texas credit. The Texas Bar will not permit members to submit online programs for Texas credit.

CHECKPOINTS: This program will contain random checkpoints. In order to submit credit for this program, you must confirm your presence at the checkpoints. If you do not meet the checkpoint requirement you may not receive credit for the live program. The checkpoint submission is entirely dependent on your successful completion of the system check.

NOTE: At the end of the program click on the “Credit Submission Tab” to go to your credit profile and begin the credit submission process. Please remember to submit credit on the day of the event.

Jim Calloway, Director of OBA Management Assistance Program

Darla Jackson, OBA Practice Management Advisor

What are limited scope services? This term refers to a lawyer agreeing with an appropriate client to provide less than full-service representation under existing Rule 1.2(c) of the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct. In June 2017, the Oklahoma Supreme Court added a new rule, Rule 33, to the Rules for District Courts of Oklahoma. The rule provides that lawyers who prepare pleadings or other documents to be presented to or filed with the court must disclose their participation on the document, but may do so without entering appearance in the underlying matter.

But, as they say, the devil is in the details. While this rule change now provides an opportunity to help those who cannot afford full-service legal representation, this is intended to provide a viable and profitable business model for lawyers to use to help people. However, attorneys who deliver these services need to appreciate the ethical duties they must satisfy. Additionally, attorneys must recognize that some clients seeking limited scope representation may later have a complaint about the scope of the services provided.

This program will provide practical guidance and suggested sample forms relating to delivering limited scope services.

Topics include:

  • The limited scope fee agreement
  • Clearly advising the client regarding services they are receiving and what services they are not receiving
  • Documenting a finding of appropriateness under Rule 1.2(c)
  • Using today’s technology tools to deliver limited scope representation services efficiently
  • Advice regarding critically important detailed documentation for lawyer self-protection
  • Providing online information about the cost of certain services
 If you are interested in providing limited scope services to your clients, this presentation is for you
9:00 am - Program Begins
10:00 am - 10 Minute Break
11:30 am - Adjourn
In-Person Registration Available: OKC Program

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