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WEBCAST ENCORE - Advanced Asset Protection from Oklahoma: Area 51 Next-Wave Protection Planning (1 total credits/includes no ethics credit)

August 22, 2017

Location: OBA Webcast Encore - anywhere with a computer

This event has a fee

NOTE: In order to obtain credit for this Webcast Encore it MUST be viewed on 8/22/2017 starting at 12:30am CST, because this program is being broadcast at that date and time, the credit is considered unlimited (live) credit by OBA/MCLE.

CLE CREDIT: This course has been approved by the Oklahoma Bar Association Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Commission for 1 hour of mandatory CLE credit, including 0 hours of ethics.

TUITION: Registration for this program is $50.00

NOTE: This program is NOT approved for Texas credit. The Texas Bar will not permit members to submit online programs for Texas credit.

CHECKPOINTS: This program will contain random checkpoints. In order to submit credit for this program, you must confirm your presence at the checkpoints. If you do not meet the checkpoint requirement you may not receive credit for the live program. The checkpoint submission is entirely dependent on your successful completion of the system check.

NOTE: At the end of the program click on the “Credit Submission Tab” to go to your credit profile and begin the credit submission process. Please remember to submit credit on the day of the event.

Advanced Asset Protection from Oklahoma

Program Presenter

Phil Feist, Fellers Snider, Tulsa

Area 51 – Next-Wave Protection Planning

In the remote Nevada desert, close to the dry bed of Groom Lake, is a place called Area 51, once called “the most famous military installation in the world that doesn’t officially exist.” There, since 1955, U.S. military and security organizations have clandestinely developed and tested next-wave weapon systems and platforms. UFO sightings have coincided with Area 51 testing of experimental aircraft moving at several times the speed of sound through the Nevada night sky. Rumors that the Oklahoma Family Wealth Preservation Trust was developed in Area 51, while not true, are understandable.

Learning objectives:

  • The Preservation Trust as the flagship of the estate plan
  • When using a Preservation Trust may constitute a “best practice” when estate planning for . . .
    • The Oklahoma family farm or ranch
    • The client active in, or retiring from, a high-risk profession
    • The family business enterprise
    • Inherited IRA creditor protection (see-through, or accumulation)

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